Pesto Saucy Meatball and Rice Recipe

A little back story.....

For 5 years I was the author and owner of A Peek Into My Paradise blog; also known as APIMP. It was my little space in blog-land where I shared my passions in life with my readers. I loved having an audience and web-friends to share my love of crafts, recipes, travel and anything else that peeked my interest! 

In late 2015, with working a traditional full-time job, juggling health issues and running a thriving blog, I decided something had to give. And that something was APIMP so I said goodbye to my 5 year old friend and closed down APIMP. In 2016, I resigned from my traditional full-time job. Hubby and I decided I would go after my dream of owning my own business. Paradise Paint Parties & Gifts was born. 

I don't miss the time requirement APIMP took but I do miss sharing recipes, craft ideas, our adventures and all the other passions that make me - me! So, I've decided to start blogging again. Hello - Paradise Paint Parties & Gifts Blog. I don't know what road this new blog will take but I welcome you to join me and take a peek into some of the aspects that bring join to my life! 

And so it begins.....

It can be challenging cooking for just Dave and I. I love vegetables and he loves anything made with peanut butter and - PESTO! So, I figured tonights dinner, Pesto Saucy Meatballs and Rice would be a hit with him - and it was! And with me too!

I love to cook but when it's HOT out the last thing I want to do is stand over a stove or turn on the oven. We live in the Central Valley of California and it has been a really hot summer! During the summer my crockpot is my best friend in the kitchen! Pesto Saucy Meatballs and Rice is summer comfort food! I hope your family enjoys it as much as we did!

My recipes will be in this easy to print, PIN and share format. I hope you will PIN and share this post with your friends. Sharing is caring right? lol

Pesto Saucy Meatball and Rice Recipe by

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